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Top Billing

Written by / Jun Tue 2013

1996. Magazine Lifestyle. English. This weekly show features beauty, fashion, food, home decor, travel and celebrity weddings. Presenters interview local and international celebrities and feature a South African designer home and showcase awards ceremonies and fashion runway shows. Presenters travel to locations around the world and often partake in exclusive activities such as sky-diving, skiing, and scuba-diving.

Top Billing has, over the years, been a flagship programme on SABC3's schedule. The show is targeted at successful South Africans, proud of their country and their heritage, who aspire to and who do lead the good life via their achievements. The Top Billing brand is synonymous with a lifestyle that encompasses style, quality and discernment.  The show places great emphasis on a quality lifestyle that is in keeping with international trends in fashion, decor, travel and a myriad modern conveniences and luxurie

Take 5

Written by / Jun Tue 2013

2001. Educational Youth Magazine show. English. Take 5 was South Africa’s first interactive, multi-media youth magazine programme dealing with a range of important issues from HIV/AIDS to computers and technology.

Noot vir Noot

Written by / Jun Tue 2013

1991. Variety Music. Afrikaans. This musical quiz show is the longest-running show on SABC.  It features popular Johan Stemmet as host. Four contestants take part in each episode, during which they interpret a number of musical clues. A guest artist performs a medley of 5 songs as part of each episode. The music on Noot vir Noot is performed by the show's live band, Die Musiekfabriek.


Written by / Jun Tue 2013

2000. Music Variety.  Multi-lingual. Meloding is a weekly traditional African music programme.


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