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Willie Wallie

Written by / Jan Mon 2017

Wielie Walie is a children’s series set in and around a playroom inhabited by a colourful crowd of puppet characters. Sarel Seemonster is a rather dumb but lovable sea monster with a great love for stories – in fact he often reminds everybody, "Stories is my Leeeewe!" ("Stories are my liiiife"). His neighbour in the play room is Karel Kraai, a kind if know-it-all crow quite skilled in piano, guitar and film making. His films are educational shorts that teach the kids about everything from chickens to the cosmos. The Wielie Walie speelkamer is never without a story, usually told by the scatterbrained book worm Bennie Boekwurm from a very large storybook with a very big key. Whenever it is story time, Bennie has to be called from his underground home. This is not always easy, especially if he is asleep or immersed in a book. That’s when Bytjie (a bee) blows on his trumpet and the Blommetjies (flowers) sing to get his attention.  Other Wielie Walie friends are the three clownish socks, simply called Die Kouse (the Socks); friendly frog Petrus Padda and his pond-mate Eend (Duck); and a family of parrots, Die Gaaie. Maestro Mol Majeur is the conductor of the Wielie Walie orchestra. A human presenter is always at hand to keep the peace, sing a song and, on Bennie Boekwurm’s days off, to tell the story. Wielie Walie was SABC’s flagship Afrikaans children’s television show for twenty years. When Wielie Walie ended in February 1996, it was the longest-running South African TV programme.

Zap Mag

Written by / Jan Mon 2017

1985-1990. Teenage magazine show.  English.  This magazine show for young people was the first English magazine show produced by the SABC.

Pumpkin Patch

Written by / Jan Mon 2017

1987 - 1989. English. Children Variety. Pumpkin Patch is a children's series set in the sunny town of Pumpkin Patch featuring the mayor, Uncle Bill, Woofles the watchdog, puppet cousins Freckles and Speckles and friendly presenter Laurel.  The series features fun stories, make-believe and a sing-a-long with the pumpkin choir.


Written by / Jan Mon 2017

1990-1991.  Tween Variety Show. English. Kideo was SABC's flagship tween daily entertainment show for almost ten years.  Kideo brings together a wide variety of inserts.  Kideo has a bubbly, effervescent presenter who lives in No 1 Buzz Street and always finds a lot of stories to tell and games to play. Through lively interaction with the young viewers, she teaches children simple life and language skills.



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