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Ubambo Lwami

Written by / Jun Tue 2013

A story filled with intrigue, tension and excitement as former lovers intertwine within a love triangle. Thoko, David and Bheki are the central characters in this triangle. Thoko and Bheki were lovers many years ago before she became involved with David. When Bheki hears that Thoko and David, who now have a son, plan to get married, he kidnaps his former lover and forces her to live with him.

Behind the Badge

Written by / Jun Tue 2013

This police drama series takes viewers behind the scenes and shows them that behind the uniform, police are just human.


Written by / Jun Tue 2013

Drama series following the boardroom and bedroom intrigue of a PR agency and its people. Westgate PR company is plunged into crisis when one of the founders, Franklyn Westgate, dies. A power struggle develops between co-founder Warren Bartlett and Franklyn’s power-hungry widow, Alice, who wants to see her son in charge. But young Ashley Westgate is a playboy and knows nothing about the business and under his control the company sinks deeper into trouble. Meanwhile, the company’s art director, Ivor Kraft, is out for revenge after an accident caused by Ashley leaves him scarred. Other characters include Olivia Grey, Warren Bartlett’s secretary and mistress; his wife Joan and daughter Samantha; famous cameraman Greg Tremaine who’s romancing both Joan and Samantha; Ivor Kraft’s spiteful wife Myrna; and American advisor Bonny Thornton, who catches Ashley Westgate’s eye despite his mother’s disapproval.


Written by / Jun Tue 2013

Drama series about the beautiful Senzi, who has to learn to adapt to life in the city. After the death of his wife, Jackson has some trouble organising the household. He decides to employ a girl from KwaZulu Natal, Senzekile, to help out. Senzi’s arrival in Johannesburg causes a stir among the young men.


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