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Die Sonkring

Written by / Jan Mon 2017

1991. Drama. Afrikaans. Drama series about a woman who seems to bring tragedy and misfortune to those close to her. At the end of their matric year three school friends, Maryna, Karen and Dina, visit a fortune teller. What starts as good fun takes an ominous turn when the seer foretells tragedy in all three their lives - and all caused by Maryna, "the dark one". While Dina doesn't take the prophecy seriously, it threatens to ruin Maryna's friendship with Karen. In the years that follow, it indeed seems that misfortune surrounds Maryna as her and her friends' lives are beset by accidents, suicide, betrayal, revenge and even murder. There is also a good dose of political intrigue as Maryna's husband (Karen's former fiancé Neil MacDonald) gets involved with the influential and corrupt steel magnate Alwyn Dressler. Will Maryna ever escape the fortune teller's prophecy and will she find love and happiness?

Bophelo ke Semphego

Written by / Jan Mon 2017

1980s. Drama. Pedi.  Bophelo ke Semphego follows the relationship of Nkwesheng and Matete, who are in love. During a holiday in Durban, Nkwesheng sees a beautiful girl on the beach and his relationship with Matete is threatened.

Ballade vir 'n Enkeling

Written by / Jan Mon 2017

1987 - 1993. Drama Series.  Afrikaans. A talented new writer is awarded the sought-after Basson prize for his debut novel, Die Enkeling. He fails to appear at the awards ceremony - in fact, he seems to have disappeared. An intrigued magazine journalist, Carina Human, decides to investigate and soon she starts unravelling the story of Jacques Rynhard's life. She discovers a tragic story in which a young boy is accused of shooting his father, sent to reform school, rejected by his mother and betrayed by the people he loved the most. It's not long before Jacques becomes more than a story to Carina. But will her efforts to clear his name bring her face to face with the man she's come to love? Other characters was Jacques childhood friend Jan-Paul, his sweetheart Lena, his cold-hearted mother Liebet, and confidante Shivas, his rich and self-centered fiancée Alicia and his enemy since his days in reform school, the vengeful Gavin Greeff.

Molo Fish

Written by / Jun Tue 2013

This drama series explores the big divide of races in apartheid South Africa. Through the experiences of a family it uncovers the different classifications - Africans becoming Coloured to live a better life, with fair skinned Coloureds moving into the White world.


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