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Die Sonkring

Jan 23 2017 / Written by  / Published in Drama

1991. Drama. Afrikaans. Drama series about a woman who seems to bring tragedy and misfortune to those close to her. At the end of their matric year three school friends, Maryna, Karen and Dina, visit a fortune teller. What starts as good fun takes an ominous turn when the seer foretells tragedy in all three their lives - and all caused by Maryna, "the dark one". While Dina doesn't take the prophecy seriously, it threatens to ruin Maryna's friendship with Karen. In the years that follow, it indeed seems that misfortune surrounds Maryna as her and her friends' lives are beset by accidents, suicide, betrayal, revenge and even murder. There is also a good dose of political intrigue as Maryna's husband (Karen's former fiancé Neil MacDonald) gets involved with the influential and corrupt steel magnate Alwyn Dressler. Will Maryna ever escape the fortune teller's prophecy and will she find love and happiness?

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